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Coffee roaster Ceroffee

Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
Coffee roaster Ceroffee
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  • Model: CRF-800
140,000,000 تومان

The drum of CEROFFEE fitted with self-developed ceramic heater enables direct fired coffee roasting. It provides increased heat and far-infrared efficiency, ensuring a perfectly uniform roasting result and producing the characteristic flavor of coffee.

The combination of the drum without drive shaft and glass front cover (view port) enables you to monitor the roasting performance of the roaster. In particular, the roaster detects the surface temperature of the coffee beans and controls the heater and enables you to check on the change in temperature and color of the coffee beans real time, during the roasting process. And It is designed that heavy build up of coffee oil or moisture accumulated after several months of steady use is condensed, ensuring no oil remains trapped in drum, view port, and the inside of pipe etc. and facilitating cleaning and maintenance.

CEROFFEE RF-800, which was awarded the top prize in the ‘Good Design' by SMBA (Small and Medium Business Administration), has a simple and intelligent minimalist design, matching well with the interior of coffee shops or offices etc.






Enables detailed settings for
professional roasting


Enables you to adjust temperature,
time, and heater strength.
Enables creation of roasting profiles
by using the cracking sounds.







A direct fired roaster using
ceramic heater


The world's first coffee roaster to
which ceramic heater applied.
Produces far-infrared efficiency,
ensuring a perfectly uniform
roasting result.







Easy roasting & Maintenance


Just a press of a button and an insertion
of green beans automates the roasting
process, including a discharging
and cooling cycle at the end!
Easy installation, cleaning
and maintenance.







Enables you to reduce power
consumption and create your
own roasting profiles


High energy efficiency,
minimizing power consumption.
Enables you to create and save
19 roasting profiles.



Mobile application

A mobile application newly launched in the 2nd half of 2015. Provides Cerofee’s unique and optimal profile for each raw bean

Anyone may easily provide a delicious roasting using Ceroffee.




  • Smart application facilitates a wireless monitoring through the mobile device.

    You may check the whole roasting process with the application developed by Ceroffee. The temperature according to time and a change in heating power could be easily checked with their accurate values.


  • The time where the color of the beams has changed and the time of the first and 2nd crack of the beans could be indicated on the graph by one button.

    Touching the application menu at the time of color change, 1st crack and 2nd crack during roasting saves each time automatically. It’s easy to compare and analyze since the temperature of the raw beans and drum as well as heating power at such time are saved.


  • A mobile device may save, copy, change and compare the roasting profile.

    You may save the profile after roasting. Since Ceroffee has a function to compare both a graph and value of the profile saved at the same time, you may compare different color changes and crack points by each raw bean.


  • You may share the roasting profile through internet and upload and download the profile using Bluetooth.

    You may download the profile in the mobile application. Further, you may also share your own profile with other Ceroffee users.




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